Day 46: The violence of disablism #107days

Excellent and thought provoking blog  on the Violence of Disablism.

We are each enriched with the lives of our young people and all they have to teach us. Every day as mothers  we go where no one has gone before us – taking each challenge head on so it does not beat us down.. Desperately trying to make the world a better place for our young people to feel safe and included.  We are all doing this in our own way. By coming together as fellow ‘women warriors” or “raging mothers” (Sara)  we can shout at the rooftops united and with our strong voices  demanding the rest of society to value, understand, and respect our young people as we do.


Today was adopted by Katherine Runswick-Cole; when I asked her why she’d got involved with supporting #JusticeforLB and #107days, this is what she had to say:

I first met Sara at a Disability Studies conference, we were both studying for our PhDs. Meeting Sara was exciting because we shared the same research interests but also because we were both mothers to young dudes. Sara and I stayed in touch, wrote a couple of academic papers together and every so often we would find ourselves at the same conference and have a bit of a gossip about life, the universe and everything! In fact it was Sara who introduced me to the joys of Twitter and, of course, I followed her blog.

Like many other people who have been touched by #JusticeforLB, I never met Connor, but through knowing Sara and reading her blog, I felt as if I had. The stories…

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