Our Rock of Gibralter – the Main Man in the Clarke Family



On Father’s Day I am reflecting on the main person in our family today.

The kid’s dad.  They share the same dad which is pretty good and convenient.

He is the one:

  • Who edits my snotty emails before I press the send button
  • Who is doing all the paperwork for our audit for Direct Payment
  • Who sorts out the pay role and wages for the Personal Assistants
  • Who drives when we are abroad
  • Who sorts out all the boring stuff such as household insurance, PA insurance, wheelchair insurance.
  • Is the one that gets blamed for everything that:-

o   Should have happened but hasn’t

o   Has happened but went wrong

o   When the kids misbehave (“you are the bloody psychologist – you sort them out” – he works for the NHS as a Child                                  Psychologist!

o   When things are tricky

  • Who goes to the meetings with the social worker instead of me
  • Who used to sit there quietly at all the meetings in the early days with school when I used to rant and rave
  • Who is good at writing the very official letters
  • Who remains calm, cool and collected whilst there is Havoc in Halifax
  • Who always remembers to send flowers to both our mums on their birthdays and Mother’s Day – but who forgets to get me flowers!
  • Who is the Doctor of the family – getting splinters out of fingers, bandaging, telling me not to call 999 for Nadia and that she will come round in a few seconds, our advisor on sports and dance injuries.
  • Who helps with homework
  • Who is there as the Rock of Gibralter keeping me sane through very hard times with Nadia
  • Who persuades me not to worry/or get mad/or blame everyone else
  • Who puts up with the swearing about this “bloody person “  or that “bloody person”
  • Who reads the newspaper from back to front on Saturdays and tells me about Tim Dowling’s article
  • Who has just hung my washing out!!

Thank you Andy.thank you!


2 thoughts on “Our Rock of Gibralter – the Main Man in the Clarke Family

  1. Always calm, seems “laid back but definitely isn’t”, always full of common sense, always there to drive to Blackpool, drive to the station, drive to table-tennis … Fantastic at Washing-up and leaves the kitchen sparkling and tidy, and deserves a big star for Father’s Day. Ann


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