My daughter My Teacher

my teacher

You teach me every day:

How to smile in the face of adversity

To bounce back when I have been slapped in the face





Not to judge

Be committed and stay focused

Be Kind

To find my inner strength

To be resilient

Accept others

Being diplomatic when I could shout instead

How to really, really listen

Carrying on regardless

How to laugh and cry at the same time

How to communicate with no words

Being fearless

Taking each step as it comes with valour and courage

To dream big and to go for those dreams


Doing small things that make a big difference

How the world needs to change not me or you

Not to let the buggers get you down


4 thoughts on “My daughter My Teacher

  1. Hello

    I saw you speak today at Bromley Parent Voice and I thought I recognised Nadia from somewhere. When I got home I had a look at the Diversity Awards programme – I attended with my son Jonny who had been nominated for Positive Role Model – Disability – and there she was beaming from the page. I am sorry I did not speak to you, I wanted to but I was worried that I would ask you if you had attended the awards and I may have made a mistake, and then felt like a daft doughnut.. but I just wanted to say that you were fabulous today and you inspired a lot of parents.. just your smile, confidence and overwhelming love for your children and your determination to keep it all ordinary said it all really.

    Theresa Andrews – mum to Jonathan Andrews


    • oh wow. that is soooooo nice of you to write and tell me that. All mothers that overcomes attitudes and prejudices about our offspring are amazing. we are all true warriors. We are like the suffragette movement lol! Infact we should have a word to describe us! And omg you were at the awards too! So you need a medal. Like the wonderful mum who is the mum to a super hero we are mums to Role Models. It takes a lovely compassionate and resilient person to say nice things to someone else and I really really appreciate you taking the time to write to me. Are you on facebook as we should add each other? Us mothers of Role Models need to stick together. xxxxxxx


  2. Dearest Katie, After chatting with you and catching up a little I sat down to read Havoc in Halifax before bed.
    Now I don’t feel at all tired – just warmed and moved by your poem and how it touched Theresa too.
    I know you two mums will spread comfort and goodness in today’s world.
    with such love.


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